Investment Network Financial Offices LLC Benefits and Services



  • Creation of and proper management of multiple Business Credit Profiles
  • Compliance with all federal, state and local regulations and lending institutions
  • Establishment of multiple business banking relationships
  • Registration and creation of Business Credit identification numbers with Dunn & Bradstreet, Equifax Business and Experian Business
  • Creation of multiple Trade lines with commercial vendors for a wide range of services and products
  • Creation of a step by step, personalized, 90day action plan to identify your business goals and provide a road map to them.
  • Continuous updating of new trade line vendors to add to your profile
  • Creation of a Business Credit score of 80 within 45 to 60 days which is equivalent to a 800 personal credit score.
  • True separation of your personal credit from Business Credit so that you are not always required to use your personal credit for your business.

Don’t I already have business credit?

Many business owners think they already have business credit and don’t even consider the use of this source of financing. Having a business credit card with your company name on it doesn’t mean you automatically have business credit. There are several steps involved in building a solid foundation for your credit profile. Thinking it’s as simple as applying for credit with your business name is very naïve. Business owners quickly realize that applying for business credit is a much more complicated process than applying for personal credit. Applying for business credit requires careful preparation and demands that you understand the process and what it takes to qualify.


What if my personal credit score is low?

No matter what your personal credit score is, you will be able to build a business credit profile that is separate from your personal credit. Business owners need not to rely on their personal credit to build their businesses. On the other hand, if you have good personal credit, you would want to limit the amount of times you use your credit in your business. If you use your personal credit too often you can lower your personal score. No matter your personal credit you will benefit from having a business credit profile.

I’m told my business is too new to get credit

Several lenders and credit grantors have requirements for the age of business when determining credit approval. There are also several lenders and credit grantors who don’t mind if you are a start-up or have less than a year in business. The key is making sure your business complies with the business requirements of these lenders before you seek them out and apply. Because these lenders don’t require you to be in business for any period of time or a very short time, they do want to know that you are in compliance with the typical lending guidelines.