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You can have a 300 Personal Credit score , which is the lowest score for Personal Credit or be in a open Bankruptcy, chapter 13 still making payments and we can still build Business Credit with, Business Equifax, Business Experian and Dun & Bradstreet.

Learn how to build Business Credit with a company with over 15 years of experience

Stop using your personal credit to fund your business

• Credit under your business name without the use of your personal credit.

• Business Credit Profile with the top business credit bureaus.

• Positive business credit scores (all you need to do is to pay your bills on time).

• Access to unique lending opportunities once you have built your business credit profile and score.

Corporations can also be used to own real estate, automobiles, yachts or aircraft while providing health and life insurance, retirement benefits, and expense accounts.

The following are the primary reasons individuals incorporate their businesses;

• Asset & Liability Protection

• Tax Savings

• Raising Capital

• Reducing Audit Risk

• Living the Corporate Lifestyle

• Building Business Credit

• Estate Planning

• Corporate Image

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