Benefits of Using Government Contract Services for your GSA Application Process:

It is difficult, but not impossible, to obtain a GSA Schedule on your own. Contracting with the U.S. Government can be confusing and very complicated. The process of obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract requires a substantial time commitment, a great deal of dedication, and a high frustration threshold. The proposal writing process is extensively complex and very tricky to properly complete. A large number of our clients have hired us after attempting to navigate the process on their own.

Why risk submitting a faulty and underdeveloped written proposal that will lead to a GSA Schedule Contract rejection? Save yourself and your business the headache and resources of struggling through the GSA application process by hiring a professional. Here at Government Contract Services, Inc., helping companies sell to the U.S. government is our area of expertise. We are contracted for the same reason someone hires a tax professional to handle a complicated tax return – we get it right. Government Contract Services offers a team of contract experts who work diligently to prepare, negotiate, and obtain your GSA contract. As a leader in our field we know exactly what is needed and how to prepare it to obtain your government contract quickly and efficiently. We are so confident we will get your business a GSA Schedule Contract we guarantee it in writing.

Once your contract is awarded, our company offers our experienced and connected resources for the extremely important step of managing your GSA Schedule Contract to stay engaged in the competitive market.Going after and winning new business from federal agencies is an integral part of GSA contract-holding for your business. The competition is tough out there—let us do all of the marketing and research work for you at Government Contract Services, Inc.

We’re the Original Deal

Recent times have seen the rise of more and more new companies offering “government contract consulting or services” to meet the increasing demands of businesses looking to cash in on the thriving Federal marketplace. So what makes our company stand out among the rest as the best choice for your business? While many of these other companies may have some beneficial guidance and services to offer your business, not a single one of them can boast the experience that Government Contract Services, Inc. has with GSA Schedule Contracting, because we were the first. While others try to cash in on our excellent reputation by using the same or similar name, website, logo etc., remember that the only way to get the excellent customer service, experience and expertise that we have, is right here with us.

Government Contract Services, Inc. was the very first company in the industry to specialize in helping businesses to achieve GSA Schedule Contracts, and we have been revolutionizing the GSA process ever since. Government Contract Services, Inc. has been gaining expertise in GSA Schedule contracting for over twenty-five years, and we want to share all of that knowledge and skill with you.

we’re On the Inside Track

Government Contract Services, Inc. was founded in 1985 by a former procurement officer at NASA, who was a part of the Washington delegation instrumental in writing the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs) — the rules and regulations that govern all procurement for the U.S. Government. Thus, we started out on the inside government track from the very beginning, and we have honed our skills in government “translation” so that you don’t have to. Our adeptness with governmental procedures, language, and regulations assures your business a smooth transition from the commercial world to the expanse of the Federal marketplace with a successful GSA Schedule Contract award.

We Don’t Stop There

Most other government consulting companies will just offer you the services necessary to obtain a GSA Schedule Contract. Here at Government Contract Services, we don’t stop there. We take it to the next level—the Gold Level. Our premium Gold Level Service program will take your initial success of being awarded a GSA Schedule Contract and catalyze it into tangible and lucrative business opportunities. Once your business is awarded a GSA Schedule Contract (and we guarantee that it will!), Government Contract Services, Inc. will efficiently and enthusiastically handle all of the account maintenance and marketing for the life of your entire GSA contract.  In the Gold Level of Service, we act as your account administrator and do what is necessary to help you maintain your GSA contract. We draft letters, submit quarterly reports, update pricing, and correspond with the government on your behalf. We prepare you for annual evaluations and audits. In addition, we help you with new business opportunities and a customized marketing campaign. This type of service offering that extends for the life of a GSA Schedule Contract is completely unique to our company. Please see the Our Services section of our website for more information on our premier Gold Level of Service.