Business Credit Bureaus

There is several business credit reporting agencies in United States that lenders and financial institutions rely on for information to grant credit. Many businesses can take years before they are listed with the business credit agencies, some may never be listed. Some of these are: 1. FD Insight 2. D&B 3. Experian Business 4. Business Credit USA 5. Equifax Business 6. Client Checker This program will show you the secrets of how to get listed and build a score with all these major bureaus.

Personal Credit

Did you know that, as an entrepreneur, you have a unique opportunity to build, maintain and acquire credit both individually and as a business? Yes, it’s true, entrepreneurs do not have to rely solely on their personal credit to start and grow their business. The goal of a business owner should be to completely separate their personal credit and their business credit. Ask yourself these three questions: 1. Have I ever used my Social Security Number to receive financing for my business? 2. Is operating my business affecting my personal credit? 3. Have I been turn down for business financing due to my personal credit problems? If you are unsure or answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are relying too heavily on you personal credit to run your business. This program separates your personal credit from business credit so you can stop relying on your personal credit to enjoy success as a business owner.

Corporate Credit

Corporate credit is another name for business credit. If you talk about corporate credit, you may be referring to building credit for your corporation LLC. Anyone can build credit for their corporation or LLC. The key is to find companies that will establish credit for your corporation without using your personal credit information and then report the payment experiences to the business credit bureaus. Corporations and LLCs afford the business owner liability protection and a separate credit profile can be built. The owners may apply for credit under the corporation and obtain credit without a personal credit check or guarantee, if the credit grantor will do so. This credit builders system will connect you with these credit grantors so you can establish and build excellent corporation credit quickly.

Common Mistakes These are the top mistakes most business owner make when attempting to establish and find business credit.

1. Using their personal credit to finance their business. 2. Using a personal guarantee. 3. Applying for loan without first establishing payment history and a business credit score. 4. Not incorporating their business. 5. Not being in compliance with the credit bureau requirements. 6. Getting red flagged by the business credit bureaus. 7. Thinking they cannot get business credit because they have poor personal credit. 8. Believing they already have great business credit just because they have a business credit card. 9. Working with vendors who only report negative payment history.

Business Credit Builder Program Establish Business Credit without the Mistakes

When a business issues another business credit, it is known as trade credit. Trade, or business, credit is the single largest source of lending in the world. Information about trade credit transactions is gathered by businesses credit. The credit bureaus receive their information from businesses that issue other business credit. Unfortunately, a large percentage of businesses issuing business credit never report their information to the bureaus. This means a business can go for years without having anything listed with the credit bureaus. The business credit bureaus use this compiled data about your company to generate a report and score (similar to personal credit).Business credit scores range from 0 to 100 with 75+ being considered excellent credit. These bureaus also perform many checks on your business. If you are not in compliance with the credit market, it can cause red flags with credit bureaus and grantors. This system will help you to understand this process and help you prevent the common mistakes most business owners make in their attempts to establish and search for business credit.

Applying for a Business Loan Business Entities

The best structure for building business credit is one that will: 1. Separate you from your business 2. Has it own tax identification number. 3. Separate the debts of the business from that of the owners/officers. The business structures that will do this are: 1. S Corporation 2. C Corporation 3. Limited Liability Company (LLC) This is not to say that a sole proprietorship or partnership can't build a business credit profile. The disadvantages however is the business will not be separate from the individual owners. This program goes in to great detail regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the various entities

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