About I.N.F.O.

For over ten years, Investment Network Financial Offices LLC has specialized in developing small to middle market businesses into profitable companies. I.N.F.O. LLC helps start up and established businesses make the right steps by making sure they are in complete compliance with all state and federal regulations, helping them create and build their business credit, cultivate and exploit business strategies and build multiple revenue streams. Created with the sole purpose of fulfilling the needs of everyday people who want to start their own business, I.N.F.O. LLC fills the gap left empty by large financial companies that do not service this demographic.
I.N.F.O., LLC has focused its effort in the Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Texas markets due the large number of small to middle-market businesses in these states. Although this has been the building blocks for I.N.F.O., LLC , it became apparent that in the growing economy of self-sufficient families taking the leap to start businesses instead of waiting for jobs needed guidance and help to obtain there dreams. So in response to this growing need, I.N.F.O., LLC began offering their services nationally through strategic partnerships and has been well received. This has been the new driving force and is propelling Investment Network Financial Offices, LLC into the years to come.

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